Most Common Mistakes in Beauty Routines

In this article I show you what mistakes we make regarding our beauty routines and how we can improve in order to avoid skin problems such as faster aging, allergies and other skin issues.   Dirty Makeup Brushes It does not matter what type of brush you have, all brushes must be cleaned adequately to […]


Sun Protection Factor and Beautiful Looking Skin

With all the climate changes happening in our planet it is a bit difficult to protect ourselves from the sun and enjoy a nice day out without suffering with the consequences. Unfortunately we will get higher temperatures and hotter days. We take all the precautions before going out, putting on our sun protection lotions, drink […]

Inner Beauty

Skin Nutrition – Inner Beauty

Everybody wants to have a beautiful and young skin. Every day we spend at least a few minutes taking care of our skin and our overall beauty. The cosmetic industry offers a variety of beauty treatment products and sometimes it can get confusing in what to buy and what is the best product for our […]