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Milk Makeup – The First Solid Toner in the Cosmetic Market

Have you ever seen a solid stick toner before? This new facial cleansing concept was launched recently by the Milk Makeup brand, the first one to launch a solid stick toner for the face. This stick is applied directly onto the skin and then you start to massage it with your fingertips for better absorption. The product contains only good ingredients such as matcha green tea as the main formula ingredient, kombucha, witch hazel, and organic cactus elixir to soothe sensitive skin.

It is the perfect product for those women who are always rushing with busy lifestyles, and are looking for easy to use products like this. It is small enough to fit in your bag and you will not have problems going through customs either. There are so many advantages that is worthwhile having it. It is a vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, soy, silicon and talc-free too.

This face solid toner is not the only product Milk Makeup has in a stick format, they have also developed cleansers and creams too. Milk Makeup is a super modern and fashionable cosmetic company. I find the idea interesting and if you are always on-the-go and travel a lot like me, then you will prefer to have a product like this in your bag. The Milk Makeup products can be found through their web site and also in Sephora plus the product can be bought online at Amazon and other stores.

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