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Body Detox – How to Do It?

We are constantly breathing polluted air or ingesting synthetic ingredients that are highly harmful for our health and most of the times we can’t avoid it but we can reduce its effects by doing some changes in our routines. The process of body detox is important for our health and it is through this cleansing process that our bodies and organisms can function better. There are many ways to promote it and our bodies goes through this process all the time. Our objective is to do it in a more natural way.

I will explain in clear and simple words some steps we should take to help our organism detox in an efficient way. The human body has its own natural way to do this and it is constant. The most important organs in this process are: lungs, kidneys, intestine and skin. Together, these organs are responsible to excrete the toxins out of our body. When the body goes through the detox process we can rest better, recharge our energy faster and our organs can work better and more efficient.

Even knowing our bodies can do its own detox, sometimes it needs a little push. Fatigue, bloating, metal confusion, irritated skin and skin allergies can be signs of intoxication and if you identify yourself with any of these concerns then it is a good idea to change some habits to solve the problem.

It is very important to drink plenty of water during the detox process. Water is not only responsible for hydration but also it helps to remove the toxins. The more water you drink the more toxins your body is going to excrete. Liquids like processed and sugary juices and sodas does not count, we are talking about plain water and the more alkaline it is the better.

When it comes to body detox we also need to check our diet, not only what we are eating but what is missing. There are many types of superfoods out there that can help speed up the body cleansing process such as red berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate) are excellent and rich in antioxidants. Green and dark leaves such as broccolis and kale help to cleanse the internal organs. Vegetables such as eggplants, cabbages, pumpkins, beets and sweet potatos are wonderful sources of vitamins and minerals while grains, cereals, nuts and seeds such as chia, oats, pumpkin seeds, maca and quinoa are anti-aging and full of nutrients slowing down the aging process not to mention the many other different foods available to help speed up the cleansing process.

Another efficient way to detox the body is through body and facial masks made of mud and clays. These specific masks help the body to cleanse from the accumulated toxins faster. You can find these ingredients in pharmacies and drugstores or make your own masks at home, or you can make an appointment in a spa.

The body and facial exfoliation help to remove dead cells and also to renew our skin. There are many ways to exfoliate your skin, through special brushes, gloves, salts and so on. The exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and it encourages cell renewal making your skin look healthier besides stimulating collagen production.

A SPA massage made by a professional can add many benefits to our health helping the body to eliminate waste a lot faster. Back, neck and leg pain can be a sign of toxins in the body and it is important to focus more in these areas too. Massages not only help with the detox process but also can help to decrease stress promoting relaxation.

Physical exercises not only help you to loose weight but also to stay in shape. It increases blood flow helping to push out the toxins of your body. Daily exercises help to keep the organs functioning properly. When your body sweats it detoxifies and eliminate toxins and that is why it is important to do a moderate to intense workout or if you prefer you can book an appointment at a spa for a sauna.

We can’t ignore that stress has also a huge impact in our health and it is also responsible for the accumulation of toxins. Stress affects our whole body making it unbalanced and can cause an increase in the cellulite too.  Try different relaxing techniques to lower your stress level by practicing yoga, meditation, light walks, massages or any other activity. Organize your day in a way you can avoid stressful situations.

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