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Collagen – New Concepts and New Launches

Collagen became a new trend for some time, there are so many different products being launched making women go crazy in trying them out. I became a big fan of collagen many years ago and it is part of my beauty regimen. As we grow older our skin losses its elasticity and unfortunately we start seeing wrinkles. If we are not careful and do not take the necessary precautions we will face aging a lot faster than we expect. Collagen is not only important for the skin but also for the body too. Next, I will show you some fantastic products, which I find very interesting.

This is a product from the Murad brand and it is called “Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion”, it is a wonderful product with lovely texture. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles in only 2 hours. I love collagen-based products and I think every woman should have one in their beauty routines. This brand is well -nown here in America and the celebrities adore it.

The product shown above is from the Skin Perfect brand, it is a collagen-based drink known as the beauty elixir developed to improve skin tone, texture and it gives a glow effect helping to fight the signs of aging, all happening from inside out. This is a great trend right now and I recently published an article in my blog about this new beauty trend of a brand known as ‘The Beauty Chef‘. This product was developed for the Philippine market.

The ESHO. lip sculpt has been recently launched in the American market to those women who can not afford to pay or do not wish to do an invasive and painful collagen injection procedures. Rich in peptides, this lip balm plumps up the lips enhancing its volume and natural color.

What about a facial mist with marine collagen infusion? The G.M Collin Marine collagen spray works as an anti-aging and it is suitable for any skin type, especially dehydrated ones with a tired and dull aspect. It visibly reduces fine lines and it helps hydrate the skin due to its special ingredients: watermelon, lentil and apple extract.

The Nurse Jamie’s EGF Age Delay anti-age system is a two products set which combines the EGF Stem Cell Repair Moisturizing Serum and the Beauty Stamp. The Beauty Stamp is used first and it has little needles that will stimulate the skin’s collagen production faster promoting a more elastic skin. It is not indicated to use around the eyes or lips. The EGF Stem Cell Repair is a hydrating serum that will stimulate the collagen production also and the two products works faster and more effective when used together.


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