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Most Common Mistakes in Beauty Routines

In this article I show you what mistakes we make regarding our beauty routines and how we can improve in order to avoid skin problems such as faster aging, allergies and other skin issues.


Dirty Makeup Brushes

It does not matter what type of brush you have, all brushes must be cleaned adequately to keep bacteria away, this way you avoid contamination back on your skin and other different pigments from different makeup products. A makeup applied in a clean skin looks much better compared to one applied with a dirty brush.


Bronzer Powder Applied on the Face

Many people have the habit of applying bronzer powder all over the face but this technique only makes the skin color of your face and cheeks different. To avoid this problem, apply bronzer powder only in certain areas of your face such as cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin for a subtle highlight effect to give that sun glow kissed look.


Testing Foundation on your Hand

No, the hands are not the right place to test foundation color. The skin shade of your hand is different from your face due to the sun exposure and for this reason it is best to test on your cheekbones or your neck.


Sleep with Makeup On

This is a mistake that many of us make and it can make you age faster, clog your pores and develop different types of skin allergies as well as acne. When you sleep with makeup on all the residues end up on your pillow case and if you sleep on the same pillow case next day it will transfer the residues back to your skin.


Applying Lip Liner

Lip liners make lips stand out if they are applied correctly. Lip liners must be applied over the entire surface of the lip and not just around. When you apply the lip liner on the lips you will make sure the color does not fade away and then you can finish off with a nice lipstick on top.


Wearing Waterproof Mascara Everyday


Do not use waterproof mascara if you do not sweat much. This type of formula dries out your eyelashes, besides it can make the removal process harder making you lose a few in the cleanse process.


Use the Wrong Blush Formula on Your Skin

Not all the blushes formulas look good on our skin, that is why it is important to test the different textures first; powder, cream, stick, liquid, airy, etc. There are some aspects which must be considered such as skin type; if you have dry skin the cream texture helps to minimize wrinkles while people with oily skin tend to benefit from powder products. The season changes also influence on the results too.



Exaggerating on Liquid Foundation

Applying liquid foundation on the entire face can make you look a little artificial, I recommend you apply only in the necessary areas such as dark spots and pimples. If you do that, you will have a more natural and glowy finish.


Keeping your Cosmetics Stored For Years and Years

All cosmetics have expiring dates, therefore we need to pay attention in each type of product if we want to avoid serious skin and health problems. As an example, mascaras tend to last no more than 6 months as it is a product that has contact with air because we pump up the brush from the tube. Also our eyelashes have bacteria transferring it back to the mascara tube.


Make these changes in our beauty routine to guarantee a healthier, younger and glowy skin!

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