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Micellar Water – Good Reasons to Use it

Today I have decided to write about micellar water as there are lots of people wanting to know about this wonderful product and if it is worth it to include in their beauty routines. This concept is new in some countries, but not new in America. More and more people are including this product in their beauty regimen and there are many advantages too. Micellar waters substitutes basically all of your cleansing products and no rinsing is required. Have a look at the advantages below.

These are the two products I like the most, Simple Cleansing Micellar Water and Bioderma Micelle Solution, they are very skin-friendly and it suits all skin types.

It is soap-free

Micellar waters do not contain soap and this is a great advantage for all skin types, causing less stress to your skin. It is not aggressive to your complexion and does not remove the natural oils.

Only a cotton pad is necessary

Apply your micellar water with a cotton pad and gently cleanse your face to remove all your makeup. It efficiently removes all the residues with no need to rinse.

Removes all types of impurities

This type of product removes all sorts of makeup and pollution from your skin. People are becoming more and more conscious about the negative effects on their skin and choosing a product such as micellar water, can help you to get rid of pollution residues too making your skin look clearer and healthier.

Ideal for all skin types

All skin types benefit from this type of product but sensitive ones benefit the most as the product composition is less aggressive compared to liquid soaps. Micellar waters does not remove all the natural oils from the skin and it does not leave a drying sensation after.

Multi-tasking product

Many people do not have time to go through the cleansing process, especially after a busy day. We used to use many different product such as liquid soaps, creamy cleansers, toners just to take off the makeup but not anymore. Micellar waters are quite helpful and removes all the makeup leaving no residues behind. There are no restrictions, it’s suitable for all skin areas.

Fast and efficient

You can cut your cleansing time by half if you opt to use micellar water. Many people go to bed with makeup on or residues from makeup but this is not good for skin health. If it is too late at night, go for micellar water instead of washing your face.

Best wet wipe substitute

People still talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using wet wipes. Many of the wipes out there have harsh chemicals that are not good for our skin and can lead to aging faster. Sometimes you will need more than one wipe to take off your make up and wipes can dry fast depending on the packaging sealing. You will not have this problem with micellar water and it will last a lot longer too.

Fixes your makeup

Have you thought about that? We make many mistakes while putting our makeup on and micellar water is ideal in times like this.

Brush Cleanser

Micellar water is great to cleanse your brushes as it help to remove all the residues from it. Put some of the product in a bowl and immerse your brushes in it.

After workouts

You can apply micellar water to your skin as soon as you finish your workout training. It removes the sweat and any other impurities from your skin. It soothes and hydrates in no time.


Take your micellar water with you instead of all your cleansers. It will take less space in your luggage too.


Next, I also show you what ingredients you should avoid in micellar waters.


I have combination skin and spent most of my life using products that contained alcohol and as time passed by I realized that my skin ended up feeling drier and wrinkles started to show its first signs. Alcohol removes all the natural oils from our skin and this is not good as it changes also our skin pH. Avoid products with this ingredient if you want delay aging.

Synthetic Fragrances

I do agree that is nice to put on a product that smells nice but we have to remember that certain ingredients such as synthetic fragrance can cause skin allergy and lead you to more skin aging. Look for products that contain only natural fragrances.


Unfortunately is it hard to find product that does not contain preservatives in it but this is changing over the years. Now we can find products that are preservative-free. Preservatives can damage our health over the years, that is why it is best to avoid.

Cosmetic Dyes

There are some micellar waters out there containing dyes. Avoid buying products with dyes as it can also cause skin allergy and also accelerate skin aging.

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