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IPSY Glam Bag Review – June 2018

Here I am writing to you about Ipsy’s June Bag! I am so excited about trying samples Ipsy sends to me every month. I can’t get enough of this beauty treats!

I know I am a bit late in writing my posts, but it has been quite hectic here. I am trying to do a lot of things at once, and I thank you for your patience. This year is passing by very quickly, we are already in June, and I can feel the season is changing again.

I have sensitive skin that sometimes can get a bit oily depending on the climate. As I travel every few months my skin feels the change too, so it is important that I have a good selection of different beauty products in my purse to rescue my skin whenever I feel it is needed. That’s my advice today, always have skincare products that is proper for summer, winter, hot and cold days. The skin changes as the climate does, that’s why it is important to adapt accordingly.

Ipsy samples are a fantastic way to get to know what’s new, trendy products that can fit in your purse and it does not take much space, very convenient to take in any trip working as a life saver during long flights too.


Today you will get to know what came in my June’s glam bag as well as my thoughts about the products. Look how gorgeous this month’s bag is! I love to get different beauty bags every month. Some of the brands Ipsy has been sending are quite new to me, but I love to discover new brands, new products and new textures.

I am sipping some nice fennel tea while I am writing this exciting post! Now I will take you through my June’s Ipsy glam bag. Take a look what I have here:

FORMULA 10.0.6 Three Times Sublime – 3 in 1 Blackhead Wash + Scrub + Mask

I had never heard of Formula 10.0.6 brand before, and I thank Ipsy for introducing me to this brand and product. The packaging says “This miraculous multi-tasker makes light work of stubborn blackheads, to remove excess oil, unclog pores and eliminate blemishes. Pink grapefruit cleanser while jojoba exfoliates. Its 3-in-1 formula acts as a wash, scrub and mask for the complete complexion overhaul.” I applied a thin layer of the mask onto my skin and allowed to dry for 10 minutes, according to instructions of use. You can keep it for 15 minutes if you wish but as I applied a thin layer I thought it was not necessary. This mask has a thick texture and smells like citrus fruits, delicious! When the mask was dry, which was after 10 minutes I then damped my face with water and massaged my skin gently to start the scrubbing process. The scrub beads are very gentle and it can be used once a week, if you have a skin type like mine. If it happens that you have normal or dry skin you can use this mask frequently. The packaging says you can use 1-3 times a week. It also says that a mild tingling or heating sensation is normal upon application of this mask, but I didn’t feel anything on my skin. So, after doing some scrubbing I rinsed it off with lukewarm water, pat dry with a clean towel. My skin felt so clean, bright and fresh ready for the next step. I followed with my moisturizer with SPF afterwards. My opinion about this mask? It’s an excellent product! I loved the texture, the smell, which is not overpowering and the benefits too. I will continue to use on my skin once a week to keep the blackheads and impurities off my skin.



This highlighter from Nomad Stockholm comes in a cute black packaging and the shade is called “Midnight Sun”. This powder is smooth, blendable highlighter with fine champagne pearls, and infused with Blackcurrant Extract to help illuminate your skin inside and out, according to the packaging. It is free of parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. It’s perfect to be used also as an eye shadow or to highlight the corners of your eyes. It has a subtle shine, very discrete, giving you a special glow! Some highlighters are too artificial making you look like you have lots of glitter on your skin, but this one is very discrete, making it suitable to be applied any time of day. I also tried this highlighter at night, and my skin looked beautiful with a natural glow, which is exactly what I wanted. If you are on a hunt for a beautiful highlighter that can be used during the day or night, this is the one to get your hands on!


BEAUTY FOR REAL Eyeliner – Whiskey

Eyeliners is one of my favorite products, the only problem I have is that some formulas gives me an itchy and stinging eye, which is not good. Beauty for Real it’s a cruelty and paraben-free cosmetic brand, and they only use only natural ingredients. It has a smooth glide that lasts a long time, and it contains conditioning Vitamin E. It provides a versatile application, which I loved it! It became of one my favorite products now.


DR. LILI FAN – Probiotic Eye Repair Cream

Ok, we all know that probiotic is the next big thing in the cosmetic industry. Probiotics help your digestive system, make your organism work better and it has been shown benefits to the skin too. Dr. Lili Fan is something special, as their product line has probiotics. This precious eye cream treatment treats, repairs, and revitalizes the eye area. According to the brand’s web site “this is the most revolutionary anti-aging eye treatment, utilizing breakthrough SCS™ (skin stem cell) and our patented lipopeptide technologies to eliminate puffiness and bags and to treat and restore youthful looking skin.  This luxurious multi-benefit eye cream formula has a rich, ultra creamy texture that melts into skin.” Is there anything else I must say about this wonderful eye cream? It’s a great product, it has helped me to treat and condition my eye area and I even use it around my mouth and also I apply on my cheeks when I am working in places where there is air conditioning, so I avoid getting my skin too dry. I believe a well moisturized skin avoid future fines lines.


M.A.C Lipglass – C-Thru

M.A.C lipglasses are one of my dearest products, and I always make sure I have one in my purse. I am absolutely crazy about this brand, love their products! The color I got in my bag this month is the “C-Thru”, which is a very cute nude, and it gives that gloss effect that I love so much. I applied the lipglass alone, also testing with other matte lipsticks I have here, it looks great too. The texture is a bit sticky but I love it, it avoids my lips getting dry, and it is long-lasting too, which is a plus for me. It smells like caramel candies, can’t get enough of this product.

Now I am excited to receive July’s glam bag! I will be posting a review about July’s bag in the beginning of the month, so come back to check it out.

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