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IPSY Glam Bag Review – July 2018

What an exciting weekend! Do market research is one of my jobs, visit different beauty shops to take a look at what’s new, and also meet up with my contacts for a chat about what’s happening in the beauty industry. After have worked in the perfumery business for more than 10 years, I have learned a lot and I love to share with all of you my experiences.

I see many beauty product’s brands launching new products, and also new brands entering the cosmetic market, so exciting! I love to try new products, discover new textures, but today we are going to talk about my glam bag that came from Ipsy this month.

I have been working in many things at the same time, but I had to stop for a coffee and write a review about my Ipsy’s July Glam Bag. I am having so much fun testing products, the only problem I am having is testing them fast enough to post them here on my blog.

When I am testing beauty products, I like to test them in different occasions so I can tell you if I found any problem, which ones I liked and disliked. So far I haven’t had any issue or disappointment with the products sent by Ipsy. I enjoy being surprised with new brands, concepts of products that could change my beauty routine for better.

My July Glam bag reminds me of a nice sunny day at the beach, brings me nice memories of when I was young. The beauty bag is cute and came with some nice goodies, which I am in love with and excited to share with you!

So here it goes my review about July’s products:

OFRA COSMETIC LABORATORIES – Eyeshadow Millennium Gold

This beautiful eyeshadow by Ofra is a very nice shade of gold and I didn’t only use as an eyeshadow, I also applied on my face as a highlighter to see the effect, working quite good! It looks really pretty for days and nights out. Love the texture, there is no fragrance and it applies smoothly. It gives a nice subtle glow, very discrete but if you want to make your makeup stand out, just apply more layers. It’s perfect!


JOSIE MARAN – Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter

Josie Maran’s Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter is an ultra-hydrating face cream with a whipped butter texture. The packaging says to follow with 100% Pure Argan Oil or 100% Pure Argan Oil Light for a more intense hydration. I happen to have combination skin and I found that this cream is good for my skin type. I was expecting to be something heavy, but I was definitely surprised. It felt good on my skin but I didn’t think it was too hydrating, I had to follow with one of my serums to give my cheeks an extra hydration at first. I have been using it but applying one of my serums before. For better results, I recommend applying this face cream after a serum, also the skin benefits more from the cream.


PACIFICA – Coconut Blush Duo in “Beaming” and “Tenderheart”

I was impressed with this blush by Pacifica. It is a set of two colors that can be used as a blush and also to highlight your face. You can use the “beaming” shade first to highlight some parts of your face first to give that sun kissed look, and then you apply the “tenderheart” shade as a blush to highlight the cheeks even more. The result … a gorgeous sun kissed skin! What I love about this product also is that it is infused with coconut oil to treat and condition the skin while you have makeup on.



Jessica Liebeskind is a well-known makeup artist in the cosmetic industry! The shade is called papaya and it’s a beautiful shimmery orange color. It does not feel tacky or sticky on the lips, it’s a fabulous color, and it stays on the lips for a long time. At first you may think this shade will look too orange, but if you apply a thin layer onto the lips it will look like a lip gloss, and if you like to have a more deep orange effect just apply a thicker layer. I carry this lip gloss with me in my bag.


BKR PARIS – The Water Balm

The BKR Paris Water Balm is an ultra hydrating lip balm that I become obsessed about. This brand makes pretty water bottles that you can find at Sephora stores, they are very trendy now. This precious lip balm contains 16 healthy plant actives including Mediterranean algae, French rose, and essential biolipids. For those that are not familiar with Mediterranean algae, it helps to increase the level of hyaluronic acid and encourages collagen production on your lips to give you a beautiful lip. French rose balances your skin while essential biolipids prevents moisture loss. The smell of a peppery scent is luxurious. This is one of the best lip balms I have ever tried and for sure I will get more of this.


Stay tuned to find out what I will get on my next glam bag. I am excited to find out what brands, products and textures will come next. I will share with you my thoughts and experiences about each product of my August’s glam bag.

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