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Sunsafe Rx – Natural skin defense from within

I feel so excited when I write beauty reviews for my followers! I travel a lot and during my travels I get to know different people, different food and of course, different and interesting products too!

I received a sample of an interesting supplement called Sunsafe Rx from a company based in California called Napa Valley Bioscience. I don’t know if you have heard about them, but I was introduced to them through the Internet and they were very kind to send me a sample of their product.

For those that are not familiar with this product, I will give you an introduction. Sunsafe Rx is a dietary supplement that helps to defend the skin against the sun. The product is presented in a glass bottle with 30 capsules, with one capsule to be taken every day 60 minutes before sun exposure. Sunsafe Rx is designed for women and men of all skin types. The formulation contains powerful ingredients that when combined together will protect the skin from sun damage and aging. In addition the product will protect the vision.

This product is a revolutionary way to defend your skin and eyes from sun damage and its ingredients have clinically been shown to help defend the complexion against sun damage. The product prevents the unwanted wrinkles as well as premature aging, and supports the health of the skin and vision, which is very important too.

The reason I choose to try this product is that first of all I have very sensitive skin and I am always out and about doing things outdoors. I spend most of my time in hot and sunny parts of the world. I tend to get burned even with sunscreen on and sometimes the texture of some of these products can be quite annoying. I try to burn as much calories as I can by walking a lot, which is also the reason why I look for supplements that can help me to protect my skin against harmful UV rays. I was seeking a product that I could take as a beauty supplement to protect my skin from inside, because I am already a strong supporter of the concept that we can take beauty supplements to help our skin stay beautiful and hydrated from the inside. Having tested many products, I personally think that dietary supplements work better than some creams, as I am impressed with the results!

The Sunsafe Rx is formulated with a complex called Antioxidine, which I will explain later, but basically it provides measurable protection against harmful UV rays. In addition, the product also has lutein and zeaxanthin as powerful antioxidants. These two compounds protect sensitive eye tissue from damaging UV radiation.

The product is recommended to be taking while jogging, biking, skiing, surfing, gardening, shopping, driving or any other activity that involves sun exposure. In my case I also wanted to take Sunsafe Rx capsules because I have decided to try a cosmetic treatment that has AHA in its formula, making my skin even more sensitive to the sun.

I listed the composition of Sunsafe Rx:

  • Vitamin A: it is a mixed carotene containing Beta-carotene, Alpha-carotene and Gamma-carotene. It helps to fight inflammation and free radicals. It helps with the eye health and prevention of vision loss. In addition it protects the body from many diseases.
  • Vitamin C: It protects against immune system deficiencies, protects also eye vision, and promotes collagen growth. Protects the memory and reduces exercise-induced damage.
  • Vitamin E: It plays a role as an antioxidant in the body. Treats and prevents many diseases, it balances cholesterol and fights free radicals. It repairs damaged skin, promotes circulation to the scalp and helps to relieve PMS symptoms.
  • Zinc: Helps to strengthen the immune system, decreases oxidative stress and helps to balance insulin. Studies have shown that zinc helps to protect the heart muscles. It also might aid in weight loss and it is responsible for strengthening the bones. It also improves digestive health and vision.
  • Selenium: It helps to purify the blood and maintain thyroid related hormones. It is considered as a natural method to cure acne. Selenium boosts hair growth and helps to reduce dandruff.


Sunsafe Rx has also a blend of different components in its Antioxidine complex, as mentioned earlier such as Polypodium Leucotomos Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract,  Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Docosahexaenoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Lycopene, Lutein, Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin and Mixed Carotenes. The combination of all these ingredients helps to strength the body against UV rays, making the skin less prone to sunburn. Another important point is that the product is made of natural ingredients, from foods and plants, which is also good news for Vegans.

This product has incredible anti-aging benefits; as you can see from some of the ingredient’s I described, but I also recommend you research more information about the ingredient because their benefits are extensive. The antioxidants used in this formula not only help you to have great skin and eye health, but they improve your overall health.

I took the Sunsafe Rx capsules for 30 days, 60 minutes prior to going outdoors, as recommended. I have also been testing some skincare products twice a week, that contain AHA in the formula. I didn’t notice much difference in the first few days, as I think the body needs time to get used to the capsules. The manufacturer states that maximum effectiveness is reached after several weeks of use, when taking Sunsafe Rx capsules every day according to the suggested use. Sunsafe Rx also recommends taking 1 additional capsule when sun exposure is prolonged.

I noticed a difference with my skin towards the end of the 30 day period. My skin had better protection from sunburn, and even the parts of my body where I didn’t apply sunscreen were not as sunburned as previously. My eyes are very sensitive to the sun also and I had an improvement regarding that too.

I would love to keep using this product, especially because Florida it is hot and sunny most of the time, and the additional protection this product offers is great. I think people should take this dietary supplement regardless of where they live because of its general benefits. People should protect themselves better from sun damage, and not rely only on sunscreens. Most people are concerned about protecting their skin only during sunny days, but the UV rays are strong even on cloudy days. Don’t forget that the sun is number one cause of skin aging.

Sunsafe Rx was a great experience for me, and I liked it especially because it is made of natural ingredients. I was not skeptical about this product because having worked in the beauty business for more than 14 years, I know much about antioxidants, anti-aging ingredients and how they work in our body. Some of these special ingredients are not consumed on a daily basis to guarantee good health like they should be. That is why it is important to take supplements like Sunsafe Rx to ensure the daily intake of precious nutrients. You can find Sunsafe Rx on their web site or on Amazon.

I recommend you try this product, but not only for a month. I believe better results can be achieved if taken for a longer period of time.

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