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How to manage stress when we have such an agitated life?

This is the kind of question that many make and few can answer. We live in a world where we have unexpected situations, competitive work environments, always rushing and pressure from all directions. You have probably identified yourself with this scenario and already thought about the many situations that are causing you stress and making you tired. It is amazing how much time and energy we waste just by thinking about wasting time and energy.

Starting when we are young, we learn that we need to worry and think about the problems we have in order to find solutions; this is part of human extinct but it seems that the more we think about problems, the more we ended up getting stressed. Does this happen to you too? It used to happen to me a lot but as I grew older and the years passed by, I learnt how to deal with my problems in better ways, and this is what I want to share with you here.

I spent many years worrying about issues that did not matter and I finally learned that the problems would get solved, and it did not matter if I was stressing out or not. Our minds feel tired when we put this stress in our minds and bodies, and the results of stress cannot be erased with time, the consequences can be seen as we age. Just take a minute and think about it, by lacking experience and orientation we spend a lot of time during our lives focusing our energies on the wrong situations, which takes us nowhere, making us divert our attention from the important things that really matter in our lives.

Unfortunately, we all go through this and we will continue to go through this situation until the end of our existence simply because we are humans, but the question we must ask ourselves is, what can we do to relieve or eliminate the tension? To start with, it is important to identify the causes of our stress; it can be an unsolved issue at work, a person, a financial situation, something that was not solved in the past, anguish about the future. What is causing you to become stressed?

As soon as you identify what is troubling you, then you can start to think about a strategic plan, analyze what can be done now to solve the problem you are having, and if you cannot put your plan into practice now then what steps can you take to start solving it? Certain situations can take more time than others due to complexity.

It is very important to take the first steps to solve the cause of your suffering. Stress can lead to many health problems and even develop into diseases that sometimes need to be treated with strong medications, which as a consequence cause further problems. Stress also leads us to age rapidly due to the pressure we put in our minds and bodies. Every time we are in a stressful situation our organisms produce many toxic substances that are released in our bodies causing us to age faster. One of these substances is known as “cortisol”, which if it is too high, it can contribute to weight gain, headaches, nausea, anxiety and so on.

As we live in a world where many situations are just inevitable, we have to stop and think about what we can do to have a more easy going kind of life and what can we do in our free time to help our minds and bodies to relax. Little things can make a huge difference such as listening to a favorite music. A good approach for stress reduction is to change your diet to one with more natural foods as fruits and vegetables, which will help the body to stabilize again. Vitamin C which is the first vitamin to oxidize when we feel stressed out, fruits and vegetables restore vitamin C.

Try to take a walk or do other exercises or activities that please you, perhaps even try a meditation. Take a few minutes off your day to appreciate nature and be grateful for your life. The positive feeling that comes out from this will make your organism respond in a healthy way. It is amazing how our bodies heal when we put good things in our minds, and do things that we enjoy in this life. It is necessary to create a habit so we can enjoy better health, however a lot of training is required to get into this stage.

If you are going through a phase of your life where everything seems to be bothering you, avoid watching TV programs that can make you feel worse or negative. Also, if negative people and situations surround you, do not take in the words and attitudes as it can influence your state of well-being. To get into this stage you will need to train your mind so you can go trough the many situations without really absorbing negative energies. It does not mean that you have to ignore what is going on around you, it means that you can understand the situation but not live the situation yourself, especially when it has nothing to do with you. Try to focus your attention and energy into what you really want to do in this life, this can be an exotic trip to somewhere, or maybe you want to enroll yourself in a new course in order to make a change of lifestyle.

The more we turn to our inner selves, the more we will improve our mental, emotional and physical state. All the positive energy we put into situations or pass on to people will come back to us! Believe in it!

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