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Hair Exfoliations – A New Hair Care Trend

There are very many hair care products available in the market and we all want to try these products; shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair oils, serums, styling products, hair mousse, hair sprays; the list goes on and on. It does not matter how many or which products we put on our own hair, all of them will leave some kind of residue behind due to the product composition. Continually using these products will cause what we call the ‘build-up effect’.

We only realize about this ‘build-up effect’ when we feel our hair is heavy, with an oily aspect. Then we know it is time to change our hair care routine in order to reset and get it back to its natural state. No new hair treatment is going to give you the best result if you don’t reset your hair from time to time.

The products we use at home are not the only ones to cause the build-up effect, pollution also plays a huge role in leaving residues in our hair strands, plus the sun as well as the sea and wind also damages the hair to make matters worse. We also do a lot of hair care procedures such as: hair drying, using straightening tools, and so on.


I want to share with you information about some of the new product launches that are targeting the build-up effect.

Briogeo – Formulated with coconut oil and charcoal. It helps to remove impurities and hydrate the scalp, while spearmint and peppermint is soothing, and tea tree is used to give a refreshing sensation.

IGK – Made for all hair types, it has a soothing and refreshing effect. It has walnut extract that helps to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate circulation, which is especially important during summer where our scalps tend to sweat more.

Biolage – Its formula contains sugar to help remove the build-up effect from the scalp and hair.

Christophe Robin – For all sensitive and/or oily scalps and all hair types. Made with sea salt to relieve itchiness, remove the build-up from the scalp and hair. It purifies, hydrates and cleanses at the same time, and it also contains sweet almond oil and other ingredients.


I truly recommend products such as these as they offer a lot of benefits. I suggest you use some kind of anti residual product on your hair to remove the excess residues.

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