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A New Face Cleansing Method – Toner Wash

A new product was launched recently in the cosmetic market, and many women are very curious about this product. Before I explain the product, it is interesting to know that the Koreans already use this new technique as a way to guarantee a brighter and clearer skin. I am writing about the new “Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture Toner” from Pacific Natural brand, this product is a toner developed to be diluted in water before splashing onto the face.

I will explain this process in more detail. After cleansing my face I add two caps of the toner into a bowl with lukewarm water and then I splash onto my face a few times as if I was rinsing my face. The purpose of this tonic is to clean the skin removing all the accumulated pollution, make up residues and other product residues that were used before and during the cleansing ritual. It helps to rebalance the skin and bring it back to its normal pH. It is an efficient product for women who are prone to acne breakouts and who have sensitive skin. The product can be used everyday as part of your regimen. This tonic does not substitute your cleansing routine, it complements your treatment routine making sure you get a clearer and brighter complexion that is also more resistant to pollution. Click here to watch a video that has gone viral on the Internet as it also shows how to use this product, which is loved by Korean ladies!

But what is so special about this tonic and why is it so good? This product is a concentrated tincture which means that it is a combination of herbs and extracts that has been macerating between 4 to 6 weeks. Because the product is concentrated it has to be diluted in water before using it. The product helps to soothe and hydrate the skin in such a way that texture and elasticity is improved. The tonic contains 90% of calendula water and ivy extract, centella asiatica, alantoin, which are bio-fermented anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamin E that works as antioxidant, hydrolyzed collagen to hydrate and plump up the skin, plus arginine and other plant and herb derived ingredients that help to boost skin hydration. Its composition helps to kill the bad skin bacteria enabling skin to heal faster. The product also contains papaya enzyme and malt extract to help eliminate dead skin cells.


This product can be found on Amazon web site for around $20.00 dollars but the prices can vary between suppliers and stores

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