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Everybody wants to have a beautiful and young skin. Every day we spend at least a few minutes taking care of our skin and our overall beauty. The cosmetic industry offers a variety of beauty treatment products and sometimes it can get confusing in what to buy and what is the best product for our skin due to the many launches, not to mention the season’s changes, which makes our skin change too. But did you know that apart from all that we also have to be careful with what we eat? Yes, food plays an important role in our skin and most people focus only on topical treatment instead of focusing on body nutrition. The cosmetic industry offers countless solutions for skin problems and most times we believe they will do some kind of miracle forgetting that actually we are only treating the problem topically and we should be focusing on the root of the problem instead.

The skin responds to what we put on it and also to what we put in our organisms. Our beauty is more influenced by the food we eat than the cosmetics we apply; cosmetics are a complement and not a solution. The skin nutrients come from the food we ingest every day and the way these nutrients get into our skin depends on how they get into our bodies. If we eat poor nutrient food we will not have a good-looking healthy skin. Our skin is the result of the choices of what to eat. Many skin problems can be solved by what we eat, since we eat the right foods.

So, what should we eat to have a beautiful skin? Food that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can be found in vegetables, green leaves, legumes, grains and lots of water! As each type of food offers different nutrients, it is best to eat a variety of them in order to get all the nutrients the body needs and make sure we drink plenty of water to make sure the organism absorbs its properties better. It is important to have a balance between eating and drinking, hydrate your body with enough water so the whole body can perform its basic functions and one of them is to hydrate the skin properly in order to avoid unwanted fine lines.

Another way of doing a detoxification in our organisms is through the well-known green juices. For those who are not used to it, it can be a little hard in the beginning as we need to adapt our palate to new tastes, but once you begin to introduce it in our daily routine you will get used to it and enjoy. As our palate is used to eat processed foods it is necessary to reprogram our taste buds so that we can change our eating habits. Since we are little we are used to eat only what is tasty and what gives us pleasure and comfort, that is why some people have difficulty in adapting themselves to this new lifestyle but it is not impossible. Have you noticed how we are never satiated and we crave for more food in little time? Certain substances that are used in processed food are highly addicting and one of them is sugar. If we start reading the product labels from the supermarket we will find a variety of ingredients such as preservatives and other unknown substances that are harmful for our health and not much is talked about by the media. Unfortunately, we do not see much information being divulged by the media against these harmful substances, that is why we need to learn about them and seek more information about it so that we can live healthier.

The green juices help the body to detox from all these substances and reestablish its harmony back to health. Green juices are not only green leaves, we can use fruits, seeds, grains, and whatever you think it could create a good and tasty combination. Actually, when we mix all these ingredients up we can discover a new flavor and have more health benefits. My advice is to always buy the sprouts, as they are more concentrated in nutrients than the old leaves. I use the old leaves to cook and the new ones I save for my beauty juices. The ideal time to drink a green juice is when you are empty stomach and between meals, if we have them with meals we will not absorb the nutrients properly and also it will interrupt digestion. Many people do not strain the juice after blended and the reason for that is the fibers help to cleanse the body in an effective way. It is hard to do that in the beginning but you will get used to it eventually. If you are a beginner, I suggest you strain it until you get yourself adapted and then start adding a little bit of the green fiber every time you have the juice. You will notice and feel a great improvement in your organism after you start juicing.

There are many benefits in green juices; we get a lot more energy, alertness, concentration improvement, better food digestion, it improves many health conditions and by drinking it everyday we will get a clearer brighter complexion, as well as a glowy effect, as the nutrients found in the green juices help the body to produce more collagen which is responsible for skin elasticity.

The association of green juices with a good and healthy diet can help you get the skin you want, besides improving the functions of your body. Doing these eating habit changes you will also avoid future health problems and as a consequence you will live and feel younger for longer. Many people will say they do not have the time and that their routines are too busy to make these changes but it is a question of reorganizing your time. If you do not have time to prepare it in the morning, find some time to do it at night and preferably before going to bed. I prepare my juice in the morning and take it to work with me so I can have it during the day.

Another way of obtaining a healthy, radiant and balanced skin is through homemade skin masks, facial scrubs and face moisturizers. The Internet has a lot of information about how to make them by combining ingredients we can find in our kitchens such as honey, egg whites, sugar, aloe vera, lemon, strawberry and so on we can guarantee our way to beautiful skin. Check out my article ‘Natural Face Mask” to find out about my secret ingredients for glowy skin. Sometimes I do it at home to complement my beauty routine. I am also a big fan of LUSH facemasks. They make nice facemasks full of natural ingredients and free of preservatives. It is worth it to check out LUSH’s stores, I highly recommend!

Besides all that you can make use of vitamin supplements but the better way to get your vitamins is through food, if you are too busy to prepare your own food and also are not getting enough of the nutrients you need then it can be a good idea to start taking supplements. The best way to find out which ones are the best for you is to talk to your doctor to verify what is happening with your skin so the best solution can be found for your problem specifically. Vitamin supplements also help to keep the organisms in the right balance. Some of the best skin supplements I take for skin health are flaxseed oil, collagen peptides, vitamin C, ceramides and asthaxanthin as I cannot get them enough from food everyday.

It can take a few months until you start seeing the benefits of your new lifestyle change, the body needs time to relearn and readapt to this new phase. Soon you will notice a more balanced, clearer, firmer and radiant skin and less wrinkles. You will not need to use so much make up to hide imperfections as your skin will be renewed. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do it!

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