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In the very end of January, 2018 I received through the post two product samples from Neocell; Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex and Ceramides Skin Hydrator. I was very excited about testing these two products, as I understand the benefits. I have worked in the beauty industry for over 14 years and I do believe deeply that beauty comes from inside out. For people who are not familiar with the brand, Neocell is a company that produces inner beauty products such as collagen powder and has been well-known in the supplement market for many years. The company has won many awards for its products. They produce a range of products designed to promote health, wellness and beauty from inside out.

I got to know about Neocell brand about 3 years ago. My dermatologist recommended that I started using collagen every day because after the age of 30 our bodies produce less collagen, and as the years go by we loose even more. At that time I started to research about collagen and its effects on the body and skin. I realized how important it is to take this kind of supplement, not just for the skin but because it benefits the body too. I have tried different types of collagen and skin related products; capsule, liquid and powder, taking each according to the instructions on the packaging. I have also bought these products in different countries as I travel a lot. In my experience, not all collagens work the same, not all deliver satisfactory results, and there are differences with quality that become apparent. I am constantly trying new products, however I test each one independently, so that I can truthfully observe the difference that each makes on my skin and body, before I recommend it to other people. While testing products, I do not use other products or change my skincare routine that may interfere with the testing process so that I can write an honest product review.

The Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex is promoted to reduce fine lines & wrinkles on the skin, and increase hydration by 21%. The product is also said to support cell turnover & elasticity according to Neocell’s study conducted on 2014. The Derma Matrix packaging states that the formula contains clinically tested Bioactive Neocell Collagen + Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid. It also states that Derma Matrix provides technologically advanced ingredients designed to internally nourish the skin. The product is a quick dissolve powder in a 183 grams (6.46 oz) plastic container that is half filled only. The powder is sufficient for 30 days and could be packaged in a container half the size. A measuring scoop comes with the product and one scoop should be taken daily with an empty stomach. The powder can be mixed with water, or added to smoothies or juice.

One of the reasons I was excited about testing this product in particular was that it contains hyaluronic acid in its composition, which supports skin hydration, improves collagen synthesis, and retains skin moisture, as well as aiding in cell turnover. The vitamin C and Amla fruit extract present in the formula also aids in healthy collagen formation and protects against cell-damaging free radicals. This combination of ingredients is very interesting and effective as they contribute to anti-aging benefits for our skin. It is important to have the right combination of ingredients to get a good result. I have tried different combinations of these components in the past and the results have not been satisfactory for me.

Now I will explain my routine with The Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex. Each morning I had a scoop of the product before my breakfast, which is suggested on the packaging. I always follow the instructions of the packaging to hopefully get the best results. I like to have a routine with the products I am testing; I take at the same time each day, and according to the instructions given by the company. The fine powder easily diluted in water and it has no flavor. I continued with this routine for a month, which is the number of servings per container. My review of this product is presented below.

I have to say that before I completed the 1-month course, I already started to notice changes. I was surprised, as other products that I had tested previously, did not produce visible changes so quickly. The first change that I noticed was my body skin hydration level. As I live in a hot and tropical place my skin gets dehydrated easily, and as I travel a lot my skin responds to the different climate changes. I have not changed the products I use on my body, using the same products as before I started taking Derma Matrix, so it would not confuse the results. My body skin became softer, plumper. smoother and glowing! I have never achieved a glowing skin without applying body lotions or the use of other products. I feel that I have no need to put on body lotions and other products as my skin is already moisturized, which I think it is fantastic also because I try to avoid putting chemicals onto my body. People complimented me on my skin tone, telling me that it looked soft and plumped, which was unusual but very nice. When I look in the mirror I have the impression that I have put a product onto my body to make my skin glow.

The skin on my face became smoother and plumper also. I use a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and a SPF when I go outside in the sun, but I found that using Derma Matrix I can keep my beauty routine simple, as I felt no need to apply all the products I was using before I began taking this supplement. I think that the great advantage of using this product is to reduce the number of beauty products used on our skin. This not only saves money, but also more importantly, avoids adding additional chemicals to the skin. This seems to me a natural approach to skin health.

I found that the fine lines around my eyes and some on my cheeks have almost disappeared at the end of the course. My fine lines are smoother and I am sure that if I continue using this product I will have better results. The skin on my lips has changed too; it is now much softer also.

This product does not mention about hair benefits but I noticed that my hair loss has slowed; hair loss was a concern for me. My lifestyle changes, travel and pressure of work caused my hair to fall out during a shower, or after my hair had dried after washing. I have tried different products on my hair but so far nothing had prevented my hair loss. I saw a significant improvement in the quality of my hair while using Derma Matrix.

Derma Matrix contains a generous amount of protein; 6 grams per scoop.  The protein can be incorporated into the daily requirements, which is a good way to improve protein intake while conditioning the skin. I workout at the gym from Monday to Friday I need a minimum amount of protein every day, so taking Derma Matrix helps me to achieve my requirements.

In my opinion Neocell has nailed it with this product! I was excited about preparing this review to let others know that I have found a fantastic product that improves beauty. It is essential to have beautiful skin; it boosts our confidence, makes us stay younger for longer, and improves our health. These factors are very important to me.

As I mentioned earlier, I work for the beauty industry and have tested many products over the years. I know exactly what I want and what I should avoid. I am totally in favor of products such as Neocell that employ natural products to promote beauty from inside out. In my opinion, this is the way to go and I thank them very much for giving me the opportunity to try this spectacular product which I recommend to all of you. 

Now, my next mission is to test another interesting product from Neocell called Ceramides Skin Hydrator, which says results starts in just 15 days! I can’t tell you how excited I am about testing this product too, especially after the success I had with Derma Matrix. I think I am getting addicted to their products!

I will write a review about Ceramides Skin Hydrator in 30 days to give my feedback and opinion about this product, and identify differences I hope to find during my testing, so keep tuned to find out! 

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