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The right skincare routine sequence for a healthier skin

We all have some kind of beauty routine and today I am here to talk about my skincare regimen and the right sequence of products we should be applying everyday in order to have a healthier and looking good skin.

Unfortunately, we live in a polluted environment where we are in touch with all kinds of bacteria, residues and dirt that one way or another end up on our skin. We cannot see it but we know its there especially when we start having skin problems like acne, premature aging and all sorts of breakouts. We can avoid these problems if we have a skincare routine, but not just any routine and using any products, we need to find the right ones that are suitable for our skin type.


Facial Cleanser

The cleansing process is the first and the most important step in a skincare routine. If your skin is perfectly clean, it will benefit from the sequence of products you will put on next. Cleanse your skin every morning, in the afternoon and evening. Choose the right product to cleanse your complexion, there are many products out there suitable for your skin type. As I have combination skin I am doing well with oil cleansers and I found out that are also made for any skin type. The texture of the oil cleansers are very nice and leaves my skin clean and hydrated, you can use any time of the year too. What I like the most about these oils is that I can take my waterproof mascara off easily too. It is really worth it!

Next, I show you which ones I recommend:

The Burt´s Bees oil cleanser cleanses the skin nicely and it lasts a long time. It has natural oils and its a 100% natural product.


The Eminence oil cleanser is one of my favorites and it cleanses the skin very well. I have been using for 2 months and I am in love with it.


This oil cleanser from Neutrogena is nice but I found the fragrance is a bit strong for me but the product efficiently cleanses the skin.


Skin Toner

After cleansing, it is important to follow with a toner or micellar water. I wrote an article about micellar waters and its benefits. Toners can be aggressive to the skin due to the alcohol in the composition. Alcohol is not good for our skin as it can dry it out and it can speed up the aging process. Apply your toner or micellar water with a cotton pad to remove any residues from our skin, paying attention to all corners.

I am a big fan of micellar waters and here are the ones I like:

The Simple micellar water is nice and kind to the skin, free of harsh ingredients and suitable for all skin types.


La Roche Posay is one that I have tried and it works well for sensitive skin.


Eye Treatment

After cleansing and toning your skin, it is important to follow with an eye treatment of your preference. Find the right texture for your skin type as there are many: cream, gel or serum. The eye area is very delicate, that is why it tends to age faster. Choose a product containing glycolic acid, retinol or caffeine to get rid of those dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Apply around the eye area tapping delicately.

These are the ones I like:

The StriVectin-SD is an eye cream that helps to reduce fine wrinkles and dark circles. I have been using for over a month and loving the results. I also apply above my lips and on my cheeks too.


The eye cream from Burt´s Bees uses probiotic technology offering intense hydration to the eye area reducing fine wrinkles too. I tested for 2 months and I was very happy with the hydration result.


Serums have been around for some time and have many benefits. Serums are very concentrated and help to fight signs of aging, dark spots, produce collagen, treating acne, dry skin and strength the skin for being rich in antioxidants.

I have been using the two below:

The Seoul Ceuticals Day Glow Serum contains 20% vitamin C, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid and d-Alpha Tocopheryl. It gives the skin a glowy effect and it is not oily. I have been using for 2 months now and I noticed my skin is also clearer.The Dermina Sensi-White Booster serum is great in antioxidants. It strengths the skin and protects from premature aging. This is one of my favorites, it is a great product.


Skin Hydration

After the serum, it is important to hydrate your skin, especially if you have dry skin. As I have combination skin I tend to use a SPF straight after but during colder days I like to use a moisturizer on my cheeks.

These are the ones I suggest:

SkinFix Hydration Lotion is a great product as it is made with natural ingredients and any skin can benefit from this product. This is my favorite and I have been using for 1 month now.

I apply Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel and wait 10 minutes before applying my SPF. When I apply this gel I do not apply Vitamin C or Retinol serum as it can make my skin even more sensitive.


Skin Protection

This is one of the most important steps in your beauty routine. If you want to have a healthy and younger complexion follow with a SPF. There are many SPF textures available in the cosmetic industry and some with a hint of tint, choose the one suitable for your skin type. Apply every morning after your serum or moisturizer and make sure you reapply every 4 hours if you are exposed to the sun. If you tend to sweat too much then reapply every 2 hours.

These ones are great:

This is definitely the most cute SPF packaging but this lotion from Blue Lizard works very well for any skin type and its great for your skin. Its free from harmful chemicals and I love it, being using for many years.


This one from Avene is one of my favorites too, it gives a matte finish and it has thermal water in its composition. It is a very nice product to be used during those hot days.

These are my beauty tips if you wish to have a young looking skin!

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