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Healthy Tips – How to kill parasites, worms and other bugs naturally

We tend to get a lot of invitations from friends and parents to go out and celebrate at this time of the year, enjoying eating different foods, and let’s be honest it is so tempting that is hard to resist and say no!

Unfortunately, not everywhere we go practice clean habits and people do not worry much about food contamination. There are so many things we need to worry about food, and we tend to not pay too much attention to that. We have to be careful with food, storage conditions, expire dates, preparation and so on, and thinking about all that I decided to write an article explaining how we can fight against parasites, fungus, molds, bacteria, worms, etc. It sounds weird, but unfortunately many people end up with them if not careful, and they can do a lot of harm to our health, so let’s learn how to fight them before they do further damaging in our bodies.

Some people ask me how do they know if they have it? Simple, you can detect it through specific blood exams and your doctor can tell you what is the best medication to fight against the specific ones you may have. But, as I like to take care of my body in a holistic way I prefer to kill these bugs using natural food and herbs, this way I guarantee my body is always free from these things. So, start adding these special foods in your diet to guarantee a good health too!



It works as an anti-inflammatory and it has a lot of benefits for our bodies. It kills fungus, bacteria and other types of viruses. It helps expel heavy metals from the body.


Besides being very aromatic, it gives a special flavor to dishes. This spice is so powerful that destroys worm eggs in the intestine. It helps combat malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, fungi and candida.


Anti-inflammatory that helps to expel worms and purifies the blood.


Its great to improve stomach acid production, combat nausea, gas that are caused by parasites and worms.


It has anti-fungal properties and the ability to destroy fungus and parasites.


It is excellent to deal with parasites as it is toxic to parasite eggs.


Helps to remove worms from the digestive tract.


Its oil helps prevent parasites growth.


Powerful as an antioxidant, help to fight parasites, bacteria and fungus. Prevent the development of many illnesses caused by them.


It cleanses the intestine and fungus related infections.


What is your experience and what have you used to fight them?

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